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The HUESKER Group is aware of its social and environmental responsibilities and is committed to the principles of sustainability. Sustainability is an indispensable part of our corporate culture. Our innovations are intended to serve our customers and society in general. This is how they contribute to the long-term success of our business. We therefore make every effort to consume energy and resources sparingly throughout the business – from development to the manufacture and use of our products.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we have the following goals:

  • Reducing resource and energy consumption by using modern technology
  • Environmentally friendly disposal or recycling of production waste
  • Selection and use of materials that constitute the smallest possible environmental hazard.

Compared with conventional building methods, construction processes involving the use of geosynthetic solutions have repeatedly proven themselves to be reasonably priced alternatives. Geosynthetic solutions are also far superior when comparing CO² balances. The integration of economic, ecological and social aspects into commercial and manufacturing processes is becoming increasingly significant to HUESKER and the industry as a whole.

Ecological sustainability

With their positive attributes, geosynthetics make an active contribution to ecological construction and have become important building materials in all areas of geotechnology. Geosynthetics from HUESKER are manufactured using powerful, highly efficient production systems. The production process can dispense entirely with the use of water.

Economic sustainability

We understand sustainability as a long-term, positive contribution to the company’s economic success. Sustainable management and responsible business are core elements of HUESKER’s corporate culture.

As a member of numerous organisations, HUESKER fully supports the principles advocated by each organisation. Constant quality assurance is guaranteed by systematic self-monitoring.

Social sustainability

Qualified, highly-motivated staff play a crucial role in the corporate success of HUESKER. We aim to recruit the best personnel and retain them in the company. In 2015, the HUESKER Group employed around 500 staff worldwide with numbers rising all the time.

It is essential for all staff to have good product knowledge if HUESKER is to continue to meet high international standards in the future. This knowledge is kept up-to-date by a wide range of training measures offered in many different areas. Personal development and training are high priorities at HUESKER.

HUESKER also takes its social responsibilities very seriously and attaches great importance to direct proximity to customers, suppliers, staff and neighbours. Engineering solutions with HUESKER geosynthetics – ecological, economical, social and sustainable – also in the future.