Rehabilitation of Concrete Pavements

Reflective cracking is one of the biggest issues where existing concrete pavements are overlaid with asphalt.

Because concrete pavements expand and contract with temperature variations, and load transfer efficiencies at the joints may be compromised, the resulting overlay may also be subjected to premature cracking. It is with this in mind that HUESKER can provide our stress relieving paving interlayer, SamiGrid® XP 50 S. By incorporating high strength filaments and a nonwoven fabric, resistant to the effects of alkalis in concrete pavements, the propagation of reflective cracking is mitigated by distributing the stresses and strains across the interlayer matrix. This movement at the joints causes extremely high stresses, especially at the expansion joint locations, which lead to reflective cracking in the asphalt overlay.

It is important that the concrete pavement be in sound, stable condition for the best results when using HUESKER's SamiGrid, as it can be installed directly on the existing concrete surface as a means of actively retarding reflective cracking between the old concrete and new asphalt surface layer. The use of SamiGrid XP 50 S offers a long-lasting and extremely economical solution for the resurfacing of concrete pavements with asphalt, extending life cycle performance.