1 Quay Business Centre
Winwick Quay
WA2 8LT Cheshire
United Kingdom

Tectura Shed and facade cladding

Cost-effective alternative to trapezoidal metal sheet, also suitable for large openings and easy to retrofit. Diverse shapes, from simple rectangles to asymmetrical polygons, purpose-manufactured to customer‘s specifications. Flexible system structure and direct fixing to building fabric allows fast, trouble-free installation. Weather protection and visual screening on exterior, daylighting for interior.

  • Flexible system structure, rapid installation

  • Fixed directly to building fabric, eliminating need for supporting frame (e.g. as for trapezoidal metal sheet)

  • Straightforward dismantling if structural alterations are required at a later date

  • Custom-manufacture

  • Efficient ventilation, particularly suitable e.g. for timber depots