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Scientific Reviewed Papers
Federici, Giuseppe | Comastri, Claudio | Russo, Luis Eduardo

Overall stabilization of the massa martana's ravine (Italy) through the use of high strength pva geogrids and other geosynthetcs for the optimisation of the hydraulic regime


The overall stabilization of Massa Martana's ravine through the filling with soil, gave rise to a number of issues that were overcome using geosynthetics in a number of different functions:

• Soil reinforcement for the stabilization of the front and the base of the embankment, by means of high strength

PVA geogrids;

• Constuction of a flexible and cost effective foundation, eliminating the need for a rigid and expensive solution

with large concrete piles, through the use of long high strength geogrids (800 kN/m);

• Reinforcement of soils with high level of alkalinity trough the use of PVA geogrids;

• Filtration of drainage layers and pipes to avoid clogging, through the use of a woven geotextile filter;

• Lining the trapezoidal section of the stream to avoid infiltration into the constructed soil mass, through the use of a special roughened geocomposite clay liner (GCL);

• Erosion control of wet and dry slopes through the use of synthetic geomats.

In addition, the use of geosynthetics in this project allowed the construction of flexible structures with optimal behaviour in seismic areas.