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Scientific Reviewed Papers
Alexiew, Dr.-Ing. D.

Geosynthetic Reinforced Slopes: Basics of Design and Some Projects


Geosynthetic reinforced slopes became very popular worldwide during the last 15 years. This is a very efficient possibility to built "oversteep" slopes, say slopes, which would not be stable without multilayered horizontal reinforcement due to insufficient fill strength. The solution hasfinancial, technical, ecological and landscape-related advantages. Meantime heights of up to 20 m and more are not rare, based an the possibilities of modern reinforcing geosynthetics. A short overview of design basics is given tagether with some interesting projects pointing out different aspects, solutions and experiences.


Geogrid-reinforced slopes proved to be an efficient solution for a wide range of geotechnical problems over the last ten years. They can be designed applying different facings and inclinations up to 90° to the horizontal, and with different curvatures in plan view. The inclination can even change for the same slope. Different solutions are available for the facing depending on safety, durability and environmental requirements. Standard earthwork procedures can be used, although quality assurance is important. A wide range of geogrids are available, therefore the design engineer can always find an optimal solution. Heights of up to 23 meters have been built successfully, and the stmctures perform well. Design should be carried out carefully, taking into account the specific design strength, long­ term stress-strain behaviour and bond coefficient of the geosynthetics used.