The Flexcover Combi functional upgrade

Liquid manure and fermented liquids are often carried by tanker trailers to field edge containers or spreader vehicles to simplify and speed up the spreader chain. However, as a rule, these tankers are only needed during limited seasonal periods.

With its new Flexcover Combi, HUESKER has developed a combined transportation concept that eliminates the need for purchasing additional tanker trailers. A roll-out manure bag, complete with pumping device, allows the conversion of a normal tipping trailer into a vehicle capable of transporting liquid manure.

To convert the trailer, the factory-fitted tailgate is removed and the combi system installed using the existing fixing points. The manure bag is then unrolled in the trailer and secured at the front to prevent slipping. As the entire module, including pump and storage bag, is supplied as a preassembled unit, no time-consuming installation work is required. The conversion is extremely user-friendly and can be completed by two persons in less than an hour. The result is an ideal transportation vehicle for the entire spreader chain and the movement of liquids.

Zero series production has been underway since the end of 2016 and the new product will be marketed this year.


Picture subline:

(1) Rear view of tipping trailer – preassembled module for user-friendly installation to replace factory-fitted tailgate.

(2) Aerial photo of tipping trailer with Flexcover Combi functional upgrade.