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New geosynthetic support pad with over 800 t capacity

The system for storing extra-heavy units

HUESKER's newly launched Fortrac Heavy Load geosynthetic support pad is set to consign the existing heavy-duty steel and concrete support post solutions to history. The system for storing extra-heavy units, e.g. monopiles for offshore wind turbines or ship components, impresses by load capacities of 800 t and higher.

Traditional constructions with custom-made steel and concrete support posts tend to be very expensive. The new structurally type-tested HUESKER system, comprising geosynthetic-reinforced fill materials, excels by its high robustness and ductility.

As one of the world's leading geosynthetics manufacturers, HUESKER has developed a product that delivers perfectly tailored solutions to individual storage requirements. Fortrac Heavy Load can be supplied in different heights and widths, thereby offering the necessary scalability to accommodate wide-ranging loads.

The system features a combination of two high-tensile geosynthetic products with local soils or slags as the fill material.

Provision is made for monitoring loads exceeding 800 t. The support pad's high capacity reserves and minimal settlement (< 1.5% up to 800 t) guarantee a high resistance to displacement. Thanks to its large base area, the system also offers safe, efficient and uniform load transmission to the ground.

Fortrac Heavy Load has the advantage of being easily deliverable in kit form for on-site assembly. Other benefits include its transportability by heavy-duty forklift and the possibility of future recycling for support pads that are no longer required. Other optional extras include the possibility of installing drainage units for hydraulic filling and covers for protection against rain.


Picture sublines:

(1) Cross-section of Fortrac Heavy Load heavy-duty support pad

(2) Fortrac Heavy Load heavy-duty support pad carrying monopole for offshore wind turbine