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Asphalt business unit sets new standards

HUESKER's Asphalt team leads the drive towards more sustainable roadbuilding

The time-tested HaTelit product portfolio and over 40 years' experience in the development and application of asphalt interlayers have now been brought together in a single department, manned by a crack team of experts. As of now, the HUESKER Group's new Asphalt business unit, headed by engineer Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Elsing, will intensify its focus on the use of geosynthetics for sustainable road construction and rehabilitation.

Other engineers and experts in the team include Fabiana Leite-Gembus, Michael Eßling, Daniel Hilpert and Erhard Luce, all of whom boast years of experience in the roads and pavements sector.

Their aim is to convince decision-makers, such as clients, designers, contractors and politicians, as well as the general public of the high cost-effectiveness and sustainability achievable through the use of geotextile asphalt reinforcement in new-build and remedial roadworks. Surveys have long highlighted the many advantages of this technology over conventional roadbuilding. These include the up to fourfold retardation of reflective cracking, extended service lives, longer repair intervals and reduced maintenance costs. Most importantly, these benefits translate into less traffic congestion, fewer bottlenecks and the avoidance of all adverse knock-on effects. Apart from saving time and money, HUESKER's asphalt reinforcement also impresses by its straightforward, reliable installation, high resistance to mechanical damage during site operations and excellent bonding properties.

Numerous infrastructure projects outside Germany serve as a shining example. In the search for economical, ecological and resource-efficient solutions that are geared to the long-term future, we have no choice but to question traditional roadbuilding practice.

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(1) from left to right: Michael Eßling, Daniel Hilpert, Erhard Luce, Fabiana Leite-Gembus, Andreas Elsing