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Base Reinforcement – simplified by HUESKER

Basetrac® – one brand a host of solutions

HUESKER introduces Basetrac® as the new brand for base reinforcement

The HUESKER Group has restructured its base reinforcement products with immediate effect and will now market them under the Basetrac® brand. The established products Fortrac® (biaxial), Fornit®, Base, Duogrid®, Comtrac®, Sefitec® and HaTe® have been brought together to form the Basetrac product family. HUESKER thereby simplifies product selection and provides construction companies and transport engineers with single-source solutions for all application areas. All Basetrac products offer excellent interaction flexibility, high reliability and cost-effectiveness coupled with straightforward installation. They are used as base reinforcement for permanent and temporary traffic areas, working platforms and railway applications.

Base reinforcement – simplified by HUESKER

HUESKER has not only simplified the structure of its product portfolio, it has also developed an entirely new base course concept with the aim of reducing the complexity of base course design.

Using the newly developed and specially tailored BaseCalculator web application, with just a few clicks the client can calculate the base course thickness and select the most suitable product to match the condition of the soil and application type. The BaseCalculator is available for free online use at:

Geotextiles in base courses

Traffic areas are permanently subject to heavy and fluctuating loads. Allowance must therefore be made, in the base course design, for the particularities of each application. Geosynethics have offered a tried-and-tested base course reinforcement solution for many years. They perform a key function by increasing bearing capacity and improving traffickability. Further benefits include their high resistance to mechanical loads, straightforward installation, cost-effectiveness and eco-efficiency compared to conventional construction methods. As a result, the use of geosynthetics reduces the base course thickness and increases service life while significantly reducing maintenance intervals and costs.

With the new Basetrac product family HUESKER has simplified its product range, product selection and installation. Base reinforcement – simplified by HUESKER.

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(1) “Base reinforcement – simplified by HUESKER”
With Basetrac HUESKER has introduced a new product family for base course stabilization.

(2) Basetrac is the new brand for base reinforcement at HUESKER.

(3) Example of base reinforcement for a temporary site haul road.