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Technical Training Event 2023

27th and 28th September 2023 in Gescher, Germany

Proserve and HUESKER are now taking reservations for our annual Technical Training Event. Join us in learning about the application of geosynthetics in marine construction. Take your chance and be part of an outstanding event with expert presentations, live demonstrations and much more.

Do you have any questions about the event or the programme? Our colleague Simon Ebbert will be happy to answer your questions.

ebbert(at)HUESKER.de +49 25 42 / 701 - 291

Program Technical Training Event

27th of September 2023

09:45Welcome and introduction by Proserve and HUESKER
10:00Geosynthetics in hydraulic engineering
10:30Fabric formed concrete applications I
11:30Fabric formed concrete applications II
13:30Sustainability in concrete
14:15Practical demonstration I
15:45Scour protection using concrete mattress I
16:30End of day 1

28th of September 2023

09:00Scour protection using concrete mattress II
10:00Geosynthetic filter
10:30SoilTain® Bags and Tubes for marine applications
11:15Practical demonstration II
12:00Sustainability in geosynthetics
13:30SoilTain Dewatering
14:15Active Composites
15:00Practical demonstration III
15:30Outlook to future geosynthetics
16:00Review of the days