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Ross Murray
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United Kingdom

Cogatec Flexible Storage Tank

Liquid storage tanks for the safe and protected storage of liquids

Cogatec flexible storage tanks are high-quality, mobile storage tanks for the storage of almost any liquid. The flexible containers allow storage capacities of up to 1,000 m³ per container and can be assembled quickly. In agriculture, for example, the textile storage bag is ideal for storing liquid manure.

Robust flexible storage containers: PVC-coated polyester fabric for slurry and water
Robust materials
Our flexible storage tanks for liquids such as liquid manure or water are made of PVC-coated polyester fabric with high tear resistance. The material used has a high UV stability.
Customized flexible storage containers: volume, connections and technology according to your needs
Tailor-made storage system
As standard, we produce the storage bag in storage volumes from 1 to 1,000 m³. We also provide connections with the dimensions 1.5", 3" or 6". However, other volumes or connections are also possible on request. Our technical department calculates the best solution for your project by means of a design and force calculation with 3D CAD computer techniques.
Easy to use: Flexible storage container without supports, ready for immediate use
Easy installation & application
The storage tank can be placed freely on even ground without additional supports. As a protective layer, a fleece should be laid between the container and the substrate, which we can supply on request. The flexible storage tank requires no installation and is ready for use immediately after unrolling.

Flexible Storage Tanks

The flexible storage tanks are made of PVC-coated polyester fabric with high tear resistance and can be used for homogeneous liquids. The suitable material is determined on the basis of the technical specification of the respective liquid. In combination with the simple and fast filling as well as emptying, Cogatec Flexible Storage tanks represent a flexible and economical product.


(1) Venting for escaping medium
(3) Storage capacity up to 1,000 m³
(2) Ports from 1.5" | 3" | 6" available
(4) UV and temperature resistant polyester fabric

Areas of application for the Cogatec flexible storage tank:

  • Storage of agricultural liquid manure

  • Drinking water storage tank

  • Rainwater retention

  • Service water tank

  • Waste water tank

  • Fire protection reservoir

  • Extinguishing water retention

  • Temporary storage

  • Tanks for sewage sludge, landfill water, fermentation residues

  • Tanks for the storage of process liquids, hydrocarbons

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