Detailed view of Basetrac® Woven reinforcement fabric with close-meshed structure for separation, filtration and stabilization functions.
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Basetrac® Woven

Basetrac Woven are PP-Wovens with standard biaxial tensile strengths up to 100 kN/m. This polypropylen woven is mainly used in simple base courses on subgrade with adequate bearing capacity and low loads.

Separation, filtration and stabilization in a single product

Basetrac Woven is typically used to stabilize surfaces in road and pavement construction. The fine-meshed texture of Basetrac Woven enables them to fulfil a separation, filtration and stabilization
function. Cost savings can be achieved through project-specific selection of the required biaxial strength (up to 100 kN/m) and the use of large panels to simplify installation over wide areas.
Often specified as an alternative to nonwovens, Basetrac Woven guarantees reliable application in accordance with the German M Geok E-StB („Guidance Paper on the Use of Geosynthetics in Earthworks for Roadbuilding Projects“). The alkali resistance of the
constituent material allows its use in cement-stabilized soils.


  • Increased bearing capacity in all soil conditions, including cement-stabilized soils

  • Straightforward installation with no memory effect

  • Project-specific product selection up to 100 kN/m biaxial strength

  • Possible use in large panels

Basetrac is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.

Up until February 2017, Basetrac Woven products were known as Sefitec.


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