Underwater view of Geosynthetic Concrete Mats on the left and SoilTain Sandbags on the right.
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Bed Protection

Economical Alternatives to Conventional Stone Fill

Unlike conventional stone revetments, concrete mattresses allow the installation of slender, efficient, heavy-duty revetments, e.g. for boat landings, even at greater water depths. They can replace stone layers of several metres thickness: Providing a robust alternative scour protection solution. Prefabricated sinking mattresses or sand mats can also be used for conventional stone revetments to optimise construction thickness or ensure controlled installation. Geotextile containers allow the placement of filter-stable layers both under exposure to strong currents and for scour fill with steep slopes.

Scopes and Benefits of our geosynthetic building materials

Filter and separation layer
  • Use of prefabricated sinking mattresses or sand mats

  • Installation at greater water depths

  • Replacement of mineral filters

  • Reduced revetment construction thickness

  • Products: Tektoseal Sand, HaTe Nonwovens, Sinking Mattresses, SoilTain Sandbags

Sandbag top layer
  • Use of small-sized geotextile containers

  • Optimised construction height

  • Additional units installable for remedial stabilisation

  • Revetments adaptable to edge scour

  • Product: SoilTain Sandbags

Concrete mattress top layer
  • Heavy-duty concrete mattress systems (permeable or impermeable)

  • Force transmission via revetment surface

  • Coherent, jointless construction

  • Minimised construction height

  • Product: Incomat