Geosynthetics in infrastructure construction: Efficient solutions for fluid transport
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Space2work Warrington
Winwick Quay
WA2 8LT Warrington
United Kingdom

Liquid Transportation


Liquid transportation and containment structures are often constructed in remote areas where access is limited and the risk of vandalism of exposed waterproofing layers is high. The construction of traditional concrete structures is often expensive and time consuming.


Our Incomat® product solutions offer comprehensive protection for liquid transportation and containment structures. The geotextile formwork acts as a surface sealing system while protecting against erosion, mechanical damage and buoyancy forces. The use of Incomat eliminates the need for conventional formwork erection, thereby cutting construction times and costs in comparison to more traditional methods. Thanks to its flexibility, Incomat adapts perfectly to the base, which is a particular advantage where varying profiles and surface characteristics are present.


  • Erosion and vandalism resistant

  • Quick and practical installation

  • Straightforward underwater installation (canal rehabilitation possible while facility remains in service)

  • Easy installation over geomembrane barriers as protection layer