Basetrac® Nonwoven Geotextiles in Base Course Reinforcement for Optimum Stability
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Basetrac® Nonwoven

Basetrac Nonwoven consists of polypropylene and mixed fibres. This product is available in a range of weights up to 350 g/m² and a GRK class of 3-5. It is typically used for seperating and filtering. Basetrac Nonwoven complies with important norms, for example HPQ and IVG.

Separation and filtration for base applications

Basetrac Nonwoven serves two functions: separation and filtration. In base course constructions, Basetrac Nonwoven products serve the purpose of separating the base course material from the subgrade and preventing a "pumping effect", i.e. the infiltration of fine soil particles into the base course. They avert the loss of base course material, which may otherwise sink into the subgrade, and thereby maintain the shear strength of the base course. In addition to the benefits of high product quality and versatility, customers can also choose from a range of options to obtain a cost-effective solution tailored to their projects. Products are available with widths from 1 to 5 m and weights from 100 to 350 g/sqm with different raw materials. Basetrac Nonwoven products meet all relevant application standards, such as the (manufacturer-related product qualification) for railway engineering. They are typically specified for soils of adequate bearing capacity (strain modulus EV2 > 35 MN/m²) and complement the other products in the Basetrac range for base course applications.


  • Certified quality for base applications

  • No loss of base course material

  • Wide portfolio allows cost-effective product selection

  • Fast and straightforward installation

Up until February 2017, Basetrac Nonwoven products were known as HaTe.