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Mining & Quarrying.

Minegrid is manufactured from high-tenacity polyester and is coated with a flame-resistant, anti-static coating. Minegrid is manufactured in a range of tensile strengths, from 35 kN/m to 1000 kN/m. Standard roll size is 5m x 100m, but shorter, narrower rolls can be supplied upon request.


  • High tensile strength

  • Low elongation/less deformation

  • Resistant to chemical degradation.

  • Non-corrosive

  • Ease of installation due to low weight/high strength

Why choose Minegrid?


Since 1994, Minegrid has been used to recover longwalls, support ribs, and reinforce highwalls in mines and quarries around the world. Minegrid has proven itself in the most extreme conditions and has always been the industry standard for quality.

Minegrid has an unequaled safety record, and mines and quarries depend on Minegrid to enhance safety, production, and profitability in their operations.

  • Longwall recovery/relocation

  • Mine roof/back support

  • Mine rib support

  • Highwall control

Minegrid is a registered trademark of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH.


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