Flexible interior design: industrial hall with textile façades and doors
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Customised textile solutions for industrial applications

The Tectura brand includes customised systems for industrial hall and storage facility construction. The simple closure of large facade openings with textile lightweight solutions enables efficient management of cold storage halls. Goods and materials are protected  while fresh air is supplied from the outside. Customers who rely on Tectura are flexible at all times. If an extension of the dry storage facility or additional access is required at short notice, the textile lightweight solutions can be used quickly. The high-quality textile solutions ensure that construction projects can be easily planned thanks to fast availability and rapid installation.

The complete range of textile doors, fronts and facades offers individual design options. In addition to the choice of materials, there is also the option of printing the textile fabrics according to your wishes, e.g. with your logo or graphics. Thanks to the economical lightweight construction and the high ease of maintenance, damage claims can be dealt with quickly and economically. Due to the lightweight construction, all Tectura solutions have low static requirements and do not need any elaborate substructures or pre-installations.

Weather protection: sun and rainWeather protection: cloud and raindrops

Protects from the effects of the weather

Quick installation: saves time and moneyTime-saving installation: efficient and fast

Simple & time-saving installation

Fast implementation thanks to lightweight textile solutionsFlexible and customizable

Individually adaptable

Economical and sustainable: cost-efficient and environmentally friendly construction solutionsSustainable textile building solutions: Economical and environmentally friendly

Economical & sustainable building solutions

Quality product: German textile solutionsQuality made in Germany: high-quality textile solutions from Germany

Made in Germany

3 large folding fronts on a warehouse. Planted mountains and a blue sky can be seen in the background.

Tectura product portfolio

Doors and facades for industrial halls

The Tectura product portfolio includes a complete range of textile doors, fronts and facades for industrial hall construction. The products are suitable for the complete furnishing of your hall, regardless of whether it is a bulk goods warehouse, logistics hall, machine hall or cold hall. Wherever you need a large door, we have a product to offer!

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Shelter for storage items with textile wind protection on the 4 roof sides

Lightweight construction in industrial halls

Advantages and potentials of textile lightweight construction

System lightweight construction is characterised by its multifunctionality. The building closure or room enclosure is combined with weight savings on the building structure. Due to its construction, it is possible for the materials to be recycled at the end of the product's life.

Compared to solid construction, the implementation of hall construction projects with partial textile construction results in significantly higher chances of achieving ecological and economic advantages. With solid construction, very high energy consumption is caused by production and transport. But it is not only transport and production that have a negative impact on environmental aspects. In order to be able to support the weight of the façade, the load-bearing structure of the building must be adapted to the solid construction method. This in turn means increased use of materials.

The consistent further development of technical textiles has significantly expanded the range of functions. Our combination of textiles and functional materials enables us to offer you products that are effective as well as extremely light and meet the specified building  requirements. It's the perfect combination of minimum weight per unit area and high mechanical load-bearing capacity coupled with  material savings. The modular construction and prefabrication is of a high quality.


Textile lightweight construction for industrial halls

With Tectura lightweight construction solutions, we offer economical and sustainable building solutions for different areas of application in industrial hall construction. Tectura products protect your building's contents from the weather without putting strain on your building with heavy components. Thanks to the individual design options, you have full flexibility for building extensions or structural adaptations. Uncomplicated and time-saving installation gives you planning security when implementing your next building project. Ease of maintenance and repair ensure that all Tectura systems are highly cost-effective.

The focus of all our projects is on our clients and their requirements. The Tectura product portfolio and its possible applications are as diverse as your requirements.


Your partner for textile solutions in industrial hall construction

HUESKER is a company with over 160 years of history that has been developing innovative textile solutions for hall construction for many years. We pay particular attention to customised fabrication and to precisely fitting solutions for our customers' challenges.

Here you can see our most important services that make your work easier. Feel free to contact us with your requirements and talk to our experts.