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Major project with more than 20 geosynthetic reinforced soil structures

Construction of an energy-neutral motorway

Price increase Announcement

160 years HUESKER

A journey to the company history

6 km road rehabilitation without road closure

Asphalt rehabilitation in record time

Large-format tubes and bags as effective erosion protection

Coastal protection with geotextile container systems

Robotics for more productivity, flexibility and best working conditions

HUESKER implements first high-performance robot

Hydraulic engineering project with SoilTain dewatering tubes

Watercourse sludge removal and revitalisation

Sustainable asphalt rehabilitation with HaTelit C eco

CO2-savings through the use of thousands of old PET-bottles

Pilot project grogrid-reinforced bridge abutment

Complete bridge construction in just 80 days

Hydraulic engineering project in Brazil

Bank Protection and Sludge Dewatering in one application

HaTelit Asphalt Reinforcement

Sustainable road rehabilitation

The way to more animal welfare

The barn climate check

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Lubratec Smart | Functions & Usage

Press release

Healthy stable climate through intelligent networking

New Video

Lubratec Smart | real-time film

Press Release

Fortrac T eco

Press Release

50 years of HaTelit asphalt reinforcement

Press Release

160 years of HUESKER: Ideas. Engineers. Innovations

Measurement Technology Showcase

Geosynthetic building materials with measurement technology

50 years HaTelit

The sustainable rehabilitation method

Environmental Engineering

Experiment | Sludge Dewatering with Geotextiles

New VideoCast

Finite Element Method (FEM)


New Lubratec Campaign


Fortrac Systems

Earthworks and Foundations

Augmented Reality App | Fortrac Systems

Earthworks and Foundations

Buitenring Parkstad Limburg megaproject

New Brochure

Fortrac Systems

Earthworks and Foundations

Geogrid reinforced rockfall protection dam


Uranium ore treatment tailings ponds remediation: A German case


CPD Lunch & Learn


Lubratec Press release


Asphalt reinforcement to combat road repair backlog


World innovation


Join HUESKER & Proserve


Next step of worldwide expansion


Asphalt business unit sets new standards