Tectura industrial hall construction: made-to-measure, doors, fronts, facades
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Hall construction with textile systems for industrial halls

With our Tectura product portfolio, consisting of doors, fronts, hall cladding and hall facades, we offer a complete range for industrial hall construction, regardless of whether it's bulk storage, logistics halls, machine halls or cold halls. Wherever large hall openings need to be clad economically or equipped with doors, Tectura is ideal.

Thanks to customisation and a high degree of individualisation options, special solutions "Made in Germany" are part of our daily business to protect your stored goods from the weather. At the same time, enough daylight enters the building and your warehouse is protected from prying eyes. All Tectura products are particularly easy to maintain and repair, which underlines the cost-effectiveness of the products. The uncomplicated and time-saving installation pays off in building extensions, you have full flexibility.

Our experts advise you on holistic concepts for optimally equipping your building with the right products. Discover the Tectura products and find your textile solution!

Weather protection: sun and rainWeather protection: cloud and raindrops

Protection from the effects of the weather

Quick installation: saves time and moneyTime-saving installation: efficient and fast

Straightforward & time-saving installation

Fast implementation thanks to lightweight textile solutionsFlexible and customizable

Individual design possibilities

Economical and sustainable: cost-efficient and environmentally friendly construction solutionsSustainable textile building solutions: Economical and environmentally friendly

Economical & sustainable building solutions

Quality product: German textile solutionsQuality made in Germany: high-quality textile solutions from Germany

Made in Germany

Large Lubratec folding door at the front of a blue soccer hall

Tectura Folding Front

The front for large passageways in industrial halls

Folding fronts are used in the interior and exterior of industrial halls. They are particularly characterised by their size and robust technology. The high wind load absorption is a plus, as is the fact large vehicles can easily access the halls.

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Three closed green Lubratec Stabitore at a beige warehouse. A truck is being unloaded at the open gate on the right.

Tectura Stabidoor

The economical alternative to sectional doors

Stabidoors are designed for various fields of application in the industrial and commercial sector. Depending on the intended use, the doors are produced with suitable fabric. Stabidoors can be opened or closed conveniently from vehicles using a radio remote control. The pre-assembled doors ensure quick installation times on site.

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Warehouse with textile façade. In the background a lake with a planted bank

Tectura Textile Facades

The cost-effective alternative to trapezoidal sheets for industrial halls

With textile facades, you can easily close off your cold storage hall. The lightweight construction is easy to service and install and offers protection against the weather. All facades are individually tailored to your requirements.

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Textile lightweight construction for industrial warehouses

With Tectura lightweight construction solutions, we offer economical and sustainable building solutions for different areas of application in industrial hall construction. Tectura products protect your building's contents from the weather without putting strain on your building with heavy components. Thanks to the individual design options, you have full flexibility for building extensions or structural adaptations. Uncomplicated and time-saving installation gives you planning security when implementing your next building project. Ease of maintenance and repair ensure that all Tectura systems are highly cost-effective.

The focus of all our projects is on our clients and their requirements. The Tectura product portfolio and its possible applications are as diverse as your requirements.


Your partner for textile solutions in industrial hall construction

HUESKER is a company with over 160 years of history that has been developing innovative textile solutions for hall construction for many years. We pay particular attention to customised fabrication and to precisely fitting solutions for our customers' challenges.

Here you can see our most important services that make your work easier. Feel free to contact us with your requirements and talk to our experts.