Animal-friendly pig house - Lubratec system solutions for a healthy climate
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Animal-friendly solutions for the Pig farming

Lubratec for a healthy climate in the stable

Healthy pigs, whether sows, piglets or boars, love fresh air and plenty of light in the barn. We support you with our Lubratec solutions, our ventilation systems, lighting systems and textile doors and fronts for optimal conditions in pig breeding and housing. Our textile side ventilation, light ridges, tube ventilation, doors and fronts are made of high-quality and UV-stable materials. Together with our air conditioners, large fans and LED lights, they ensure maximum use of light and air supply with long durability. Discover our wide range of products and plan your barn construction right from the start with HUESKER products for efficient farm management and healthy animals.

Graphic of a stable building equipped with Lubratec windbreak nets and wrap-around vents.

Natural and active Ventilation

Side ventilation, ceiling Fans and tube ventilation for the modern pigsty

Contemporary farm management combines efficient management with an optimal barn climate. Inadequate ventilation and heat stress reduce the well-being of the animals and have a negative effect on animal health. The air circulation and the air temperature in the barn are optimized by an optimal interaction of Lubratec side ventilation, tube ventilation and ceiling fans. The mixture of natural and active ventilation improves the removal of dust and harmful gases from the barn, preventing heat stress and reducing humidity.


Natural Ventilation

Active Ventilation

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Pigs in the barn with natural daylight

Natural and Active Lighting

Strong in the team: light ridge and LED stable lights

Light is essential for healthy development. Animal-friendly pig husbandry consists not only of sufficient fresh air, but also a lot of light. With our light ridge you get a lot of natural daylight and provide for higher activity time, increased vitality combined with an increased feed intake. If the supply of daylight is not sufficient, our energy-efficient LED stable lights support and thus ensure a reduction of short days and twilight phases as well as a reduced release of melatonin. Due to the selection of high-quality materials, our products meet all requirements that modern lighting systems have to meet. They are particularly durable with maximum light yield and economical due to energy savings.


Natural Lighting

Active Lighting

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Versatile textile gates for agriculture

Doors & Fronts

Textile wind protection doors and fronts for efficient farm management

Simplification of farm management and low energy costs are key factors in the design and equipping of buildings. Textile sectional doors, roller blinds, rolling and folding doors as well as fronts in lightweight construction make it easier for you to manage your stables, warehouses and machine halls and provide sufficient weather and wind protection. Thanks to large opening widths and a high degree of individualisation, they can be used in a variety of ways. Textile doors and fronts have an additional ventilation effect compared to conventional foil doors and thus provide a better climate in the pigsty and more animal health. Not only are your animals protected from external influences, but also your feed and machinery.




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