TechnoTex mesh fabric: High-strength materials for various applications
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TechnoTex Mesh Fabrics

Strong mesh fabrics for further processing or protection and reinforcement in automotive and aviation applications.

TechnoTex mesh fabrics are generally made of high-tensile synthetics such as polyester, polyvinyl alcohol, polyamide and aramid, which are coated with polymer or stabilized with dispersions. Dimensionally stable mesh fabrics are also manufactured from polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester monofilaments. These can be additionally provided with flame-resistant, antistatic or UV-resistant properties to suit the particular application.

  • Possible materials: polyester (PES), polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polyamide (PA), aramid (PPTA), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP)

  • Polymer coating / dispersion treatment

  • Mesh textures with different opening sizes to suit application

  • Different weights per unit area on offer

  • Standard and made-to-measure sizes available

  • Optional properties: low-flammability, antistatic, UV-resistant

  • Use as base fabric for further processing, reinforcing fabric e.g. in mouldings for automotive/aviation sectors, protective mesh, hinge fabrics, retaining straps e.g. for airbag covers

Why choose TechnoTex mesh fabrics?

Thanks to the diverse choice of materials and structures, the mesh fabrics lend themselves to a wide variety of applications. The incorporated monofilament and multifilament synthetic yarns particularly excel by their exceptionally high strengths.