Two smeared hands frame a natural hole in the centre. The hands are stained with oil and dirt, while the untouched hole represents pure nature.



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United Kingdom

Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering business unit offers a wide range of geotextile products and geosynthetics solutions that are perfectly tailored to the project-related challenges of our customers. Landfill construction, sludge dewatering, groundwater protection, remediation of contaminated sites and fluid storage are the central segments of the business unit.

For landfill construction, HUESKER offers a comprehensive range of LAGA and BAM approved products, such as the NaBento® RL-N clay liner or the Fortrac® T geogrid, which meet the high environmental and safety requirements. In the field of dewatering, we offer SoilTain dewatering tubes, an economical solution for dewatering different types of sludge, such as sewage sludge or sediments. Groundwater protection deals with a wide variety of applications, starting with the sealing of landscaping structures to traffic route construction in water protection areas. Our geotextile Tektoseal® Clay complies, among other things, with the guidelines for construction measures on roads in water protection areas (RiStWag). In the field of liquid storage, HUESKER products such as HaTe® nonwoven geotextiles and Fortrac® 3D geogrids ensure the waterproofing and stability of embankments in stormwater retention basins and storage ponds. Old sites such as sludge ponds, which usually have insufficient load-bearing capacity, are renaturalised with the help of products such as Basetrac® Duo and system solutions. In the best case, these areas can be used economically again, from green spaces to industrial estates.