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Horse Management

System solutions for horse-friendly environments

Regardless of why they are kept – whether for breeding, sports or recreational purposes – all horses share the same basic needs due to their genetic provenance as steppe animals. And, anyone seeking to design a healthy, reassuring and comfortable horse-keeping environment must pay close attention to these demands. Apart from exercise and social interaction, horses need ample light and air.

HUESKER’s Lubratec® product portfolio features wide-ranging system solutions for more light and air in animal housings, such as the intelligent Lubratec wind protection and side ventilation systems, the Lubratec light ridge for efficient daylighting and the Lubratec ventilation tubes. Outdoor protection for livestock is provided by our Lubratec field shelters while the Lubratec separating layers lend the necessary stability to riding areas and Paddocks.

By selecting our products, you are making a long-term investment in the health, well-being and safety of your horses.
At rest, horses breathe in and expire some 90,000 litres of air per day. Any physical exertion leads to a significant increase in the respiratory rate. As a result, the health and performance of horses depends not only on the air quality in the stable, but also on that in the riding arena, lunging hall or training ring. An ideal indoor environment can only be created through expert co-ordination of all the relevant components. As a full-service provider, HUESKER will be glad to help you.


The Lubratec wind protection range includes textile door systems, open fronts to close off large vehicle entrances and permanently installed stretched systems. These serve to provide controlled, draught-free ventilation for livestock buildings, riding arenas, lunging halls, training rings and storage sheds. They are typically incorporated on the gable and eaves sides of buildings.

Lubratec ventilation tubes provide for an active, draught-free supply of fresh air with lower micro-organism and pollutant concentrations in livestock housings. Optimum ventilation performance can only be guaranteed through application of our globally unique computation method based on 3D barn environment simulations.

  • Continuous fresh air supply directly to livestock
  • Active ventilation suitable for any building
  • Even old buildings can be retrofitted to optimize use
  • Project-specific calculations based on 3D simulations
  • Tube, incl. fan with weather cover and fixing accessories

    The Lubratec Booster is designed for the ventilation of barn areas of up to 40 m². Based on physical flow simulations, the innovative system ensures precisely targeted ventilation with high air change rates.

    Though extremely light, fabric doors and fronts make no compromises in terms of stability. Moreover, through the appropriate choice of fabric, these doors can also take on a ventilating function. With optimum daylighting guaranteed even when the door is closed, the horses are able to enjoy fresh air and views of the countryside.

    Lubratec field shelters are of simple, robust construction and offer high flexibility in terms of use. The movable assembly, enclosed on three sides, allows a flexible choice of location. The fence units and roof frame are made of galvanised tube.

    • Galvanised roof construction
    • Woven polyester tarpaulin in a variety of colours
    • Stainless-steel ratchets, 25 mm, incl. polyester belt strap for tensioning
    • Incl. tensioning tubes

    The lightweight Lubratec awning offers a relocatable means of protection against direct sunshine. It is easy to fix to trees, poles etc. and is ideal for meadows, grooming areas, tournament car parks and much more.

    • Air- and water-permeable material
    • UV-stable
    • Hardwearing and dimensionally stable
    • Strong edges with hemmed PVC
    • Use of galvanised D-rings at the corners for fastening
    • Max. size 10 m x 10 m

    The Lubratec light ridge maximises the daylighting of livestock houses and indoor riding arenas, though without additional heat gains. Light on the interior and dark on the exterior, the ridge blends harmoniously into its setting. High wind deflectors and large openings ensure constant air extraction. Moreover, the stable round-arch construction is capable of withstanding extremely high structural loads.

    • 4 – 7 m opening width
    • Specially coated woven sheet diffuses light and keeps livestock buildings cool
    • Uniform light distribution
    • Extra-high mechanical robustness due to special fabric
    • Enhanced ventilation performance due to suction created by wind deflectors

    As stable and hall lighting is in operation year-round for many hours, only highly energy-efficient Lubratec LED luminaires are now specified for new projects. The high-power ceramic LED chips produce light with 5,000 K colour temperature. The suspension brackets are made of high-grade stainless steel.

    • Maximum luminous efficiency per watt (135 lumen)
    • Long service life
    • Optimum light spectrum for horses
    • Constant lighting, also in winter or at dusk
    • Water and moisture resistant
    • Up to 60 % energy savings
    • An intelligent, clearly thought-through design is the key to creating optimum conditions for horses to move around riding arenas and paddocks. Here, the Lubratec separating layer acts as an efficient barrier between base and footing layers without compromising the drainage function.

      • Products tailored to size of riding arena
      • HDPE mesh fabric
      • High abrasion resistance
      • UV-stabilised
      • Weight approx. 270 g/m²
      • 0.40 mm aperture size
      • Static puncture strength 4,000 N

    The Lubratec automatic feeder enables horse-appropriate and economical feeding. It is particularly suitable for open stables and group housing systems. Feed losses are minimised and working time is saved. The control system can regulate the intervals between feeding.

    • Stable, horse-friendly feeder
    • Three roller blind doors with tubular motor incl. guide rails and sealing lips
    • Tarpaulin protection for the weather side
    • Stable, light and UV-resistant textile curtain
    • Automatic time control (up to 20 feeding times adjustable)
    • 230 V Connection