Picture of a modern barn with Lubratec® ventilation products for natural and active ventilation
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Lubratec® Ventilation

Natural and active ventilation

The Lubratec ventilation systems open up your barn for more light and air and ensure an optimal barn climate. You will be impressed by the variety of variants and the adaptability of our side ventilation, tube ventilation and large fans. All ventilation systems convince through durability, safety and an attractive appearance. Combine our Lubratec products to achieve the maximum for your barn climate and the health of your animals.

Open winding ventilation on a dairy barn

Natural Ventilation - Roll-up system

Flexible side ventilation for more fresh air in the barn

With modern side ventilation systems, roll-up ventilation dominates. Lubratec roll-up ventilation systems offer large opening heights, thanks to a wide range of variants, maximum flexibility. The original ventilation concept of ventilation slits in window fronts was taken up as a basis and combined with modern technical possibilities. The results are effective roll-up ventilation systems. Ventilation via a roll-up ventilation system takes place along the entire long side of the barn building. This allows fresh air to effectively reach the interior.

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The gable of the indoor riding arena clad with the Lubratec tensioning variant

Natural Ventilation - Stretched systems

Stretched fabrics for wind and weather protection

Stretched systems are a space-saving and economical solution to effectively protect building areas from the weather while at the same time providing ventilation and a high daylight yield. The highly UV-stabilised wind protection fabrics are tensioned with ratchets. This allows for permanent stretched installation.

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Open Lubratec lifting window on a stable building

Natural Ventilation - Lift windows

Energy-saving and durable ventilation and exposure

The Lubratec lifting window consists of vertically adjustable light panels for insulated building areas. The hollow chamber profile of the light panels has an insulating effect, is translucent, UV-stable, light and extremely robust. Lubratec lifting windows enable you to ventilate your buildings in an energy-saving and durable way.

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Ventilation hose on the ceiling of an old stable building

Active Ventilation - Tube Air

Efficient fresh air supply through tube ventilation

Lubratec Tube Air ventilation reduces harmful gases and germs in the stable through targeted ventilation. The draught-free fresh air, which is actively fed into the barn from outside and distributed precisely, ensures a continuous air exchange and healthier animals with high energy efficiency.

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A blue cooling hose is attached above the cattle for cooling

Active Ventilation - Tube Cool

Tube ventilation with cooling effect

The Lubratec Tube Cool tube ventilation system provides a measurable stress reduction for animals through a wind chill effect on the animal's back. The energy-efficient and precise cooling of tube ventilation ensures healthier animals and increases performance through constant feed intake. Reduce heat stress and increase the well-being of your animals.

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Large-capacity fan for air circulation in a dairy barn

Active Ventilation - Ceiling Fans

Large fans for effective air distribution in the barn

Lubratec large fans ensure a quiet and constant circulation of air in the barn. Due to the large spans, the fresh air is distributed throughout the entire barn. Combined with side ventilation, ceiling fans make a significant contribution to improving the climate in the barn. Dangerous heat stress is avoided.

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Axial-flow fans hang on the long side of a dairy barn

Active Ventilation - Axial Fans

High air circulation capacity with low energy consumption

Lubratec axial fans draw in air from outside and carry it deep into the barn. The large fans ensure a quiet and constant circulation of air in the stable building. Dangerous heat stress in summer is thus avoided.

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