Geosynthetics in infrastructure construction: innovative working platforms for safe construction projects
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Space2work Warrington
Winwick Quay
WA2 8LT Warrington
United Kingdom

Plant and Working Platform Stabilisation


As ore body discoveries are made in more remote locations with increased areas of soft ground the requirement for safe, stable working platforms, temporary access road and permanent roads is proving more critical than ever.


Project specific geosynthetic design solutions from HUESKER provide superior structural integrity of foundation and basal layers within platform and road pavements. Our designs can assist with reducing the need for excavation of poor soils or hauling such materials from site. This saves valuable time and money.


  • Enhanced bearing capacity for very soft/soft soils through the introduction of appropriate geosynthetic reinforcement

  • Extended lifetime and reduction in maintenance

  • Reduced requirement of imported construction materials

  • Significant reduction of construction time.

  • Reduced carbon footprints due to thinner construction