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CPD Lunch & Learn

HUESKER has a series of lunchtime presentations available. The presentations take around 45 minutes which allows for a Q&A session as the end. CPD certificates will be issued to those who attend.

To book a lunch time seminar or for more details please contact Jackie Williams on 01925 629393 or via email jackie.williams(at)huesker.co.uk

Several topics are available and include:

An Introduction to Geosynthetics

  • An overview of geosynthetic products and their application within Civil Engineering
  • A look at the different polymers used to manufacture these products
  • Polymer characteristics and how this affects their application
  • The appropriate specification of geosynthetics
  • Independent product Certification and CE marking

Fortrac Systems

  • Several Efficient Solutions for Steep Slopes and Retaining Strucutres
  • A review of the design principles in accordance with BS8006:2016
  • Looking at slopes below 45° and up to 70°
  • Additional design checks and NCMA methods
  • Mortarless segmental block walls & concrete panel walling systems
  • Case stuides with construction and detailing advice

Roads and Pavements

  • Unpaved roads and working platforms: Design methodologies
  • Limit states and SLS guidance
  • Use of reinforcement in asphalt pavement rehabilitation and treatments
  • Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation with Asphalt Overlays
  • Case studies with construction, installation and detailing advice

Basal Reinforced Platforms over Piles

  • Designing Piled Embankments to BS8006: 2010
  • Looking at thin embankments and arching in fills
  • SLS limits and dynamic effects
  • Case studies with construction and detailing advice

Basal Reinforcement

  • Designing embankments over voids and on soft ground to BS8006: 2016
  • Limit states and SLS guidance
  • Case studies with construction and detailing advice
  • Unpaved roads and working platforms: Design methodologies

Geotextile Bags and Tubes: Hydraulic Applications in Coastal Protection 

  • Geotextile tubes and bags and how can they be used?
  • Information about design principles and guidelines for these types of structures.
  • Construction and installation techniques and considerations.
  • Selected international project case studies for conceptual illustration purposes

Geosynthetics in Filtration and Erosion Protection

  • Suffusion / Erosion
  • Traditional Grading Criteria
  • Geotextile Filters and their design
  • Coastal Application and Case Studies

Sediment Management and Sludge Dewatering

  • Sediments and sludges: Sources and traditional management options
  • Principals of soild / liquid phase seperation with floccuation
  • Design of dewatering systems using geosynthetic tubes
  • Case studies with construction and detailing advices

Hydraulic Containment Engineering

  • Sealing / Barriers
  • Geomembranes / GCL's
  • Hydraulic Containment
  • Concrete Mattresses
  • Flexible Ballast Layer

Environmental Engineering

  • Landfill Liner Systems
  • Sealing Systems
  • Groundwater Protection
  • Active geocomposite in Capping & Oil Adsorption