TechnoTex monofilament fabrics: Tailor-made solutions for various applications from HUESKER
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TechnoTex Monofilament Fabrics

Monofilament yarns for mesh and knitted fabrics.


The bulk of our monofilament fabrics are made of polyester, polyamide, aramid and polyethylene. Through the use of high-performance, synthetic yarn comprising a single filament, HUESKER is able to meet practically any customer specification in terms of dimension, material composition and opening size. Depending on requirements, special finishing methods may be applied to lend the textiles additional properties.

  • Possible materials: polyester (PES), polyamide (PA), aramid (PPTA), polyethylene (PE)

  • Mesh and knitted fabrics as end products

  • Optional properties: low-flammability, low-shrinkage, antistatic, ultrasonically embossed, UV-resistant

  • Optional PVC, PP or PE coating on one or both sides

  • Various diameters / weights per unit area on offer

  • Standard and made-to-measure sizes available

  • Used as base fabric for further processing, reinforcement of mouldings for automotive and aviation sectors, filtration, scaffold netting, covers, backing fabric, landscaping and food-industry applications

Why choose HUESKER's monofilament fabrics?

Textiles that are made of monofilament yarn exhibit a wide variety of properties, depending on their constituent material and processing technique. The potential applications are every bit as diverse as the product composition. We partner with our customers in the development of custom solutions to meet the highest requirements.