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Lubratec® SmartBox

More animal welfare through reliable measured values

The compact and extremely powerful Lubratec SmartBox monitors all important parameters of the barn climate that have a direct influence on the well-being of your animals.

With the help of the measurement data, you will always know how your animals are doing. In this way, you can take targeted measures - or have them carried out automatically - to increase the well-being of your animals.

Recording of all
barn climate parameters

Use of the
Long-Range Radio Technology

Climate data in real time

Reliably measure stable climate parameters 

The Lubratec SmartBox measures important data at climate-relevant points in your barn: High-precision indivudual and combined sensors reliably record the carbon dioxide vconcentration, ammonia content, current temperature, humidity and illuminance. In addition, the system calculates the temperature-humidity index (THI) using current data for temperature and humidity. This way you will know immediately if heat stress is imminent in your barn.

The sensitive sensors of the Lubratec SmartBox measure all values in real time and with high precision. You remain flexible at all times: If you make changes or expand your barn, you can simply add more SmartBoxes to them.

SmartBox in detail

Precise technology for reliable measurement results

The measuring technology of the Lubratec SmartBox is protected by a robust and dust-proof housing. The measuring sensors are low-maintenance and durable and are ideally suited for use in your stable. The barn climate readings are transmitted via long-range radio technology. In this way, all data is sent energy-efficiently and without problems over longer distances.

The SmartBox can be mounted quickly and securely on all surfaces,
and integration into the system is uncomplicated.
And you remain fl exible at all times: If you make changes or expand your stalls, you can simply add more SmartBoxes to them.

The smart barn climate system

More animal welfare through intelligent solutions

Barn climate check

The first step towards a smart barn climate

During a joint inspection of your stable with a HUESKER barn climate consultant and careful measurement
of the climate situation in your barn, initial findings are obtained and you receive valuable information.

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