Several fans attached to the roof ridge of a barn
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Lubratec® Ceiling Fans

Large fans for a better barn climate

Our Lubratec ceiling fans are special large capacity fans with a very high air circulation capacity and low energy consumption. They distribute the air in the barn gently but effectively without creating draughts. In this way, the energy-efficient large fans supply your animals with sufficient fresh air, discharge the used air from them and the barn is pleasantly cooled.

Depending on local conditions and requirements, you can choose from three sizes. Our ceiling fans are particularly characterised by their conically shaped blades, which result in a high degree of efficiency. You can expand them at any time with control and regulation systems.

The Lubratec Ceiling Fans can be integrated into the Lubratec Smart System.

Optimum fresh air circulation and distribution

Energy-efficient cooling for livestock

Lubratec Ceiling Fans

Product benefits 

  • Available in three sizes: (4.88 m and 7.32 m diameter)
  • High efficiency thanks to tapered and twisted blades
  • Optimum fresh air circulation and distribution
  • Energy-efficient cooling for livestock
  • Readily extendable at any time by control systems




Diameter4,88 m7,32 m
Area servedApprox. 26 m diameterApprox. 30 m diameter
Installation recommendationThe optimum installation height is equal to the fan diameter. The minimum distances from the roof shall be observed.
ControlManual control box included. Eco-Commander is needed for time programme control. Temperature sensors are additionally needed for systems controlled by temperature.