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Ambassador from Rwanda visits HUESKER

Gescher, Germany/5 April 2022 - The Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, has been a driver of progress and modern developments in the East African country of Rwanda for more than 20 years. He has now sent Ambassador Igor César and the founder and chairman of the Rwandan ADHI Group, Soleman Abdi Idd, to the HUESKER Group headquarters in Gescher (Germany) in North Rhine-Westphalia to speed up future cooperation and to see for himself the innovative strength and sustainability of the company's geotextile construction solutions. With its product portfolio of technical textiles for earthworks and foundation engineering, road and traffic route construction, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, mining as well as industry and agriculture, HUESKER is very broadly positioned and thus one of the global innovation leaders in the sector.

The Rwandan ambassador and his wife Jeanne Adili Ndatirwa were very impressed by the exclusive insight into the production. They admired the high precision of the processing and the quality of the products. The day before, Soleman Abdi Idd and his wife Sadiya Abukar Hassan had already visited the production facility in nearby Dülmen, where products and system solutions for agriculture and hydraulic engineering are manufactured.

Together, the Rwandan guests and HUESKER Managing Director Dr. F.- Hans Grandin, Stephan Westhus, HUESKER Sales Manager GEO EMEA and Laurent Sakou, HUESKER Regional Director Central and West Africa, used the meeting to exchange open questions and seek concrete solutions to accelerate the start of some urgent infrastructure projects in Rwanda.

Soleman Abdi Idd loves his country. He is committed to finding the best solutions for the sustainable security of Rwanda and the future of many generations to come: "Rwanda is a tiny country with thousands of hills and equal number of marshlands, with the highest population density per square kilometre. Our country is blessed with enlightened leadership determined to feed and develop against all the odds of climate change, and which has chosen HUESKER solutions to best mitigate and solve sliding and flooding protect then infrastructure and farmland."

"Various circumstances do not always make it easy for us to ship our products quickly and easily to all countries in the world," explains Stephan Westhus. "We did not need to convince our innovation-driven business partners of the fact that our geotextile systems and solutions are in many cases among the more resource-efficient, sustainable and safe solutions compared to conventional construction solutions," Westhus continues. Sometimes it takes direct channels and even a personal conversation to speed up processes. In the end, the hosts as well as Ambassador César and ADHI Managing Director Idd agreed: the appropriate construction solutions have been found, and the organisational hurdles should also be overcome soon.



Stephan Westhus (HUESKER), Dr. F.- Hans Grandin (HUESKER), Jeanne Adili Ndatirwa (Frau des Botschafters), Igor César (Botschafter Ruanda), Sadiya Abukar Hassan (ADHI), Soleman Abdi Idd (ADHI), Laurent Sakou (HUESKER)Stephan Westhus (HUESKER), Dr. F.- Hans Grandin (HUESKER), Jeanne Adili Ndatirwa (Frau des Botschafters), Igor César (Botschafter Ruanda), Sadiya Abukar Hassan (ADHI), Soleman Abdi Idd (ADHI), Laurent Sakou (HUESKER)