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Healthy stable climate through intelligent networking

HUESKER Synthetic presents an innovative and smart barn climate system for open barns, because a good barn climate means a high level of animal welfare. However, this is easier said than done. For a permanently healthy barn climate, farmers need to be alert almost around the clock. Lubratec® Smart is the new intelligent solution for reliable and stress-free barn climate control in open barns.

The Lubratec brand stands for animal-friendly farm management through an optimum stable climate. It comprises products from the areas of ventilation, lighting, doors and fronts. With Lubratec Smart, all solutions can now be controlled fully automatically and connected in a network. The focus of the Lubratec Smart stable climate system is on the SmartBox and the SmartApp.

The Lubratec SmartBox measures temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide content, illuminance and ammonia content at climate-relevant locations in the barn. The measured values are processed and visualised in the Lubratec SmartApp. Based on the data, the SmartApp provides specific recommendations for actions to improve the stable climate. Events and developments can also be documented in the software. The SmartApp will be available in three performance levels. In the third level, the stable climate will then be regulated automatically.

With the Lubratec SmartApp, the farmer has a complete overview of his barn climate and the effects on animal welfare. The intelligent networking of the hardware and software components relieves the farmer of the burden of his work, as he no longer has to take care of the climate in the barn manually. With Lubratec Smart, he can be sure that his barn has the best possible climate for the well-being of his animals.

"The intelligent networking of the Lubratec ventilation and lighting products supports the farmer in his daily work with regard to animal welfare, but also in terms of efficiency", Hubertus Heitmüller, Lubratec Segment Manager at HUESKER, knows from experience. The company not only offers all the important product solutions from a single source, but also a comprehensive service package from product advice to complete barn planning. "Every Lubratec Smart installation starts with a barn climate check carried out by our barn climate consultants", says Heitmüller, describing the process of introducing the system in the barn.

"Lubratec Smart is the perfect symbiosis of animal welfare and efficient barn management through Smart Farming", adds Jörg Eßling, Head of the HUESKER Group's Agricultural Division. "Healthy animals are the basis for a successful farm", Eßling is convinced.

Find out more about Lubratec Smart on our website: https://www.huesker.co.uk/agriculture/products/lubratec-smart/