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HUESKER elected as a forward-looking company

Gescher (Germany)/March 2022 –Less CO2, less traffic jams, more animal welfare - with sustainable solutions made from high-end technical textiles, the long-established company HUESKER is making its valuable contribution to a more liveable world - and not just in Germany, but worldwide. HUESKER Synthetic GmbH, with its headquarters in Gescher/Westphalia, was able to convince its innovative strength and intelligent solutions as part of the "50 German Leaders" campaign. Today, German companies still stand for inventiveness and first-class products worldwide. They are also promised an extremely positive development in the international market in the coming years.


In its 160-year company history, HUESKER has repeatedly adapted to the changing times and reinvented itself. Originally a cotton weaving mill in the German Münsterland, HUESKER established itself as one of the pioneers of new construction methods using technical textiles in various fields of application. Building with Geotextiles, for example, makes it possible to construct roads, railway lines, airports, harbours, etc. much faster and in a way that conserves resources better than conventional methods using steel and concrete, thus reducing CO2 emissions drastically. Further innovative examples are open stables constructed from technical textiles, which ensure optimal climate control in the stable and thus animal-friendly husbandry.

Ecological sustainability due to innovative geotextiles

Technical textiles and Geosynthetics are modern and ecologically sustainable building materials offering a multitude of advantages. Geosynthetics developed and produced by HUESKER are used for reinforcement, increasing the load capacity of natural soil. This can minimize the use of heavy and bulky construction materials such as sand, gravel and concrete, which often have to be transported long distances to the construction site.

Innovative Geosynthetics therefore help reduce the construction industry’s CO2 emissions. At the same time, congestion is reduced as the construction time can usually be decreased drastically. HUESKER Geosynthetics are used in many sectors internationally, for example in Earthworks and Foundation, Roads and Pavements, in Mining, Hydraulic Engineering and in Environmental Engineering. In progressive solutions, they offer enormous reductions in time, costs and climate-damaging emissions.


Advantages of modern textiles

One of the big advantages in Geosynthetic Construction is the proven sustainability as CO2 emissions can be reduced by a lot. “Compared to conventional construction methods, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 89%,” says Sven Schröer, CSO HUESKER Synthetic GmbH. In addition, further natural resources can be saved thanks to Geosynthetics, Schröer explains: "For example, 4,500m² of Geosynthetic Clay Mats can be used to replace a 50 cm thick clay layer of the same area in landfill construction. This saves more than 200 truck trips and the associated delivery routes and traffic congestion."

Innovations for agriculture and industry

On top of that, HUESKER’s brand Lubratec offers innovative solutions for the agricultural sector which offer more animal welfare for livestock and breeding animals in stables. These durable and effective systems include weather and wind protection nets, doors and fronts as well as lighting and ventilation solutions that significantly increase the well-being and health of the animals and therefore contribute to a modern, future-proof agriculture. “We are already shaping the future through the smart networking of all ventilation products in the barn” says Dr. F.- Hans Grandin, CEO of HUESKER Synthetic GmbH and explains: “With Lubratec Smart, we enable the farmer to control the barn climate depending on current air measurements or automatically.”

Similar concepts have been implemented in industrial hall construction for several years which also offers advantages such as the saving of resources and time, enabling faster and more sustainable construction.

For a sustainable future

Even though Geosynthetics and textile construction methods in agriculture and industry offer clear advantages due to significant cutbacks in time, costs and emissions, the solutions are only used in roughly 10% of possible projects. HUESKER’s mission is perfectly rounded up by Dr. F.- Hans Grandin: “Our mission statement is to replace conventional technologies with smart and sustainable solutions from technical textiles. And these solutions are making a contribution to make our world a better place to live in. Our vision is to be worldwide recognised for this contribution we are making.”

Part of the campaign is also a film that can be found on the HUESKER corporate website or directly on the HUESKER Group YouTube channel:

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