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Fernando tells

HUESKER on the road -
our travel concept

Travel is an important part of work and life when you're in contact with clients. A clean and comfortable way of traveling helps us stay motivated and in good shape.

Less emissions, less risk

Customers are the key to our business and we don't hesitate to take our cars and drive for hours to meet them no matter where they are. However, this means high fuel consumption with corresponding car emissions and, of course, a potential risk of accidents or just back pain caused by such a long drive. For all these reasons, we decided a few years ago to use the train as a cleaner and healthier alternative to travel.

Reach your destination by train

It is clear that this is not possible for every single trip due to the limited connections, but for longer trips, we can usually find a way to travel by train. Tram and metro are usually the perfect combination in big cities to reach your destination cleanly and safely, instead of wasting a lot of time in traffic jams, which can even lead to delays.

Make your trip more comfortable while working

When we're on the road, it's really important to focus on traffic. This is quite stressful and exhausting and can even affect your behaviour during a meeting if you are not feeling alert. But if you're on the train, you'll have plenty of time to prepare for your meeting feeling stress-free, you can get some rest, and even take a few short walks to energise your body.

Avoid as many risks as possible on the road

It's not just about work, there are also risks to our health and we want to reduce them as much as possible. Better travel options help us to continue to develop in our roles and to stay motivated.

Yours, Fernando

Sales Technical Textiles