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Space2work Warrington
Winwick Quay
WA2 8LT Warrington
United Kingdom
Our employees say

This is how we get involved!

Our earth, our home, is under unprecedented pressure due to population growth and climate change. Now more than ever, it is important that we humans treat our planet responsibly and protect the environment. We assume this responsibility by acting in an environmentally conscious manner, by being socially committed and by managing our company responsibly. Our product solutions enable environmentally friendly construction and serve both our customers and society. Thanks to the efficient use of resources, investments in renewable energies and innovations, we make a valuable contribution to positive economic development. In addition, we attach great importance to qualified and motivated employees, are a reliable partner and good neighbour. This is how we change the world and make our contribution to a better future!

Environmental sustainability and the protection of the environment is firmly integrated into our mission. Thanks to our environmentally friendly geobuilding materials, we make a positive contribution to environmentally friendly construction. Our solutions significantly reduce CO2 emissions, conserve natural resources and the energy required for production, transport and installation is significantly lower compared to conventional construction. We use recycled materials and reduce and recycle waste, use renewable energies and rely on state-of-the-art energy management.
The focus of our agricultural solutions is the well-being of farm animals. Thanks to smart lighting, ventilation and simple management, the barn climate is noticeably improved.

For us, economic sustainability means being economically successful in the long term and acting according to ethical principles, which we achieve through efficient use of resources, investments in renewable energies and the development of sustainable technologies. In our work, we never forget our importance as a global group in building a stable and resilient economy. Fair corporate governance and fair partnership are a matter of course for us. We make a special contribution to society and to future economic development thanks to our innovative products and application technologies – we are very proud to be able to assert ourselves as a pioneer and pioneer in this area.

Our product solutions help our customers to operate more sustainably. Each of your projects benefits from the economic and ecological benefits. All our sustainability goals go hand in hand with the goals of our customers – we act sustainably together.
Whether in the construction industry, agriculture or industry – our projects prove that textile solutions enable significant CO2 savings compared to conventional construction methods. We deliver sustainable solutions that deliver environmental benefits, reduce costs and increase efficiency.


High level of safety thanks to technical textiles

When you hear about plastic these days, you quickly think of microplastics and their harmful effects on the environment. What is the risk of using geosynthetics due to the release of microplastics? We can assure you: The correct use of our geotextiles does not lead to chemical and photochemical decomposition or wear. Therefore, the risk of microplastic emissions from our textiles is very low and well controllable.

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